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Mission Statement: We aim to develop Christ-like character and academic excellence in preparing each student to live for God's glory.

Victory Christian Academy is a ministry of Victory Baptist Church in Kokomo, IN ( We provide K-12 day school and homeschool programs, so parents can give their children a Christian education (we believe everything we do should be based upon Biblical principles). We praise God for the opportunity to serve Him by helping His children become His servants for life. If there is anything we can do for you, let us know.

VCA is committed to Biblical Education Reform. VCA's quality staff utilizes Accelerated Christian Education's (ACE) individualized, mastery-based, high-tech curriculum. VCA is registered with the Indiana Dept. of Education, ACE (with whom we have achieved "Quality Status"), and the College Board. Through ACE's Dual Enrollment Program, STUDENTS CAN RECEIVE A NATIONALLY ACCREDITED DIPLOMA from Lighthouse Christian Academy (Madison, Tennessee), ACE's distance-learning program. The diploma is accredited by SACS (Southern Association of Colleges and School). See our Handbook (on the Newsletter Page) for more information about our graduation policies.

VCA is proof education reform is possible without any government assistance and without charging astronomical fees. For $2,000.00 per student or less, parents can give their children a Christ-centered education that will prepare them to serve God, in whatever way He sees fit, for time and eternity. By the way, the Home School program is about $1,000 per student. (Compare that to over $10,000 public schools receive from the government!)

Our students take nationally standardized tests each year (the Stanford Achievement Test-Tenth Edition) which demonstrates they are achieving academically. However, the great advantage for parents is the fact their Christian worldview will be reinforced, not undermined! Furthermore, we are unapologetically committed to promoting the Christian principles of this nation which made America the greatest nation in the world.

Our students benefit from a wide range of opportunities, both academically and socially. VCA students are able to participate in the vocational programs offered by the Kokomo Area Career Center. This is a premier educational program which enables high school students to get a jump start on a career in a wide variety of fields. Furthermore, we are grateful to the leaders of Kokomo Area School at Home ( for allowing our students to participate in their activities such as volleyball, soccer and basketball. Go, Eagles! Finally, our teenagers attend the Heartland Regional ACE Student Convention on the campus of Ball State University. They compete against other Christian schools using the ACE curriculum throughout Indiana and Ohio. Through these and many other local organizations and churches, VCA students receive a well-rounded education which is second to none.

VCA has a great working relationship with all the public schools in the area. Because of this, our credits have been accepted by all the public schools in Howard and the surrounding counties. We have even been recommended by several administrators from these area schools. We do not consider ourselves enemies of the public school system. We are simply an alternative.

If you are interested in starting a school, or helping us expand VCA's ministry, please contact us (email: or phone: 765 453-9768). At the very least, make our growth an urgent matter of prayer. Thank you, and may God bless you!
For more information about our policies:

The difference between VCA and nearly all other educational institutions is the principle of individualized, mastery-based education.

First, every student is given a series of placement tests to determine what a student has mastered in each academic area (Math, Grammar, Spelling, and Reading). Every student is placed in a subject according to their ability, not their age. For example, a student may be in the fifth level in Math and the sixth in English.

After the student is placed in their appropriate level, they are issued PACEs (workbooks equivalent to a chapter in a traditional school's textbook). Each student progresses through the PACEs while being monitored, encouraged, and assisted by quality instructors. Although there is a set amount of time they should finish each PACE, they can go either faster or slower according to their individual ability and motivation.

After a student finishes the PACE, they are issued a PACE Test. In order to advance to the next PACE, they must score at least an 80% on the test. If they do not, they will be issued another copy of the same PACE that must be completed in its entirety. Then they will have another chance to take the PACE Test. If they achieve a test score of at least 80%, they will be allowed to progress, if not, they must repeat the PACE again. The bottom line is the student must demonstrate they have learned the material in a PACE before they move on.

This methodology has proven to be an improvement over the "mass-production" mentality of the government schools and even other private schools. The students are personally accountable for their learning. This helps develop character in the lives of our students. Whether a student is a visual, auditory, or tactile learner, the individualized approach works.

Our students have been accepted into the college, university, or military branch of their choice. Here are a few examples: Indiana University, Lees-McRae College, Ivy Tech State College, and the United States Marine Corps.

Here is the link to the Scope and Sequence for ACE's curriculum: (simply Copy and Paste this address).

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